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Felipe Cabrera « Medusa » with Judith Sánchez Ruiz

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  • Felipe CABRERA (Double bass)
  • Leonardo Monatana (Piano)
  • Lukmil Perez (Drums)



The music of "Medusa" was born in Havana, during a 110-day lock-down when Felipe Cabrera found himself alone in the country that saw him grow up.

Pillar of the great Cuban jazz school, the double bassist based in Paris has decided to turn his accidental return to his native country into art in times of pandemic. While Cuba was completely closing in on itself to absorb the global disruption, he composed five superb musical pieces, which he created for Banlieues Bleues with his faithful trio and a distinguished guest, also from Cuba, the choreographer and dancer Judith Sanchez Ruiz.

Recording: March 19 2021 - Paris, France
Director: Guillaume Dero
Duration: 00:53

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