Music for your eyes

Music for your eyes

France : Europe/Paris

Jun Miyake - The here and after

Next broadcasts Friday, December 23 at 06:30 on Меzzо

  • Saturday, December 24 at 05:40 on Меzzо


  • Bulgarian Cosmic voices
  • Jun Miyake (INTERPRETE)
  • Sébastien Surel (INTERPRETE)
  • Elodie Michalakakos (INTERPRETE)
  • Vlad Bogdanas (INTERPRETE)
  • Miwa Rosso (INTERPRETE)
  • Lisa Papineau (INTERPRETE)
  • Kyoko Katsunuma (INTERPRETE)
  • Dairo Miyamoto (INTERPRETE)
  • Zé Luis Nascimento (INTERPRETE)
  • Manuel Marches (INTERPRETE)
  • Olivier Louvel (INTERPRETE)
  • Philippe Avril (INTERPRETE)

Recording: Paris, France
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Duration: 00:58

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