Music for your eyes

Music for your eyes

France : Europe/Paris

Kurt Elling & National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Zadymka Festival

Next broadcasts Thursday, August 18 at 22:25 on Меzzо

    Kurt Elling will perform certain pieces from his recent albums but also interpretations of modern jazz standards and of course, a few improvisations.


    • National Orchestra of the Polish Radio
    • Alexandra Humali (Conductor)
    • Stu Mindeman (INTERPRETE)
    • Clark Sommers (INTERPRETE)
    • John McLean (INTERPRETE)
    • Christian Euman (INTERPRETE)


    Kurt Elling (lyric)
    Stu Mindeman (piano)
    Clark Sommers (double bass)
    John McLean (guitar)
    Christian Euman (drums)

    National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    Alexandra Humali (conductor)

    Recording: February 25 2018 - Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Poland
    Director: Samuel Thiebaut
    Duration: 00:53

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